Welcome to Ryokan Sugawara

Miyagi Prefecture, Naruko Onsen,

100% natural free-flowing hot spring inn

"Ryokan Sugawara"

Inn with a popular private bath

All of our bathing water flows directly from our own water source.

Our hot spring baths are especially known for their beautifying effects.

Be sure to soak in our outdoor hot spring bath,

which is especially popular during snowy season.

We are a traditional Japanese style hot spring inn l

ocated in Naruko Onsen (hot spring) town.

Relax to your heart’s content in our natural hot spring baths,

whose water flows directly from our own source.

Dishes made mainly

with local ingredients

Enjoy our exquisite dishes made with fresh seafoods delivered from a fishing harbor in the Prefecture, as well as our local Sendai beef. Come and spend a special time savoring our “kaiseki” course meal that consists of a variety of dishes made with a wide variety of ingredients in rich amounts, including fresh mushrooms harvested at the foot of Naruko mountain, and other delicious vegetables.

Guests staying at our inn can also taste “Sendai beef”, a type of top-tier black-haired Japanese beef with quality rating of A-5 or B-5. You can choose from three types of “Sendai beef” dishes: steak, sukiyaki hot pot, and miso steak. 

The guest rooms offer a splendid view of Naruko’s natural scenery

What you can see from the guest room is a

strikingly beautiful landscape of Naruko’s mountains.

Guests rooms with a view of our charming inner garden are also available.

Our hot spring

All of the inn’s hot water is drawn from the inn’s natural source, which is popular for its beautifying effects.


All of the bathrooms in the inn use natural water directly flowing from the source, which is neither circulated nor filtered.

The inn’s popular private baths can be used 24 hours a day (except during cleaning), whenever they are empty (no need for reservation / no extra charge).

The inn’s natural, free-flowing hot spring water is safe to bathe in for people of all ages, including children and seniors. 

Also known as “beautifying baths”, the inn’s hot spring baths will keep your skin smooth while bathing, and moistened afterwards. This is because our water is rich in naturally-beautifying substances (sodium ion: 773.0 (mg / kg) and metasilicic acid: 498.6 (mg / kg)).

The hot spring baths are also effective in relieving fatigue, as well as symptoms of arteriosclerosis and neuralgia.

The water source is located around 3 meters from the inn’s main bath and outdoor bath.
Since the baths are situated close to the water source, they are constantly filled with fresh water, which is rich in beneficial natural substances.

The water drawn from the source will also be used to fill this tank, which is used to supply water to each bathroom in the inn. The water is also supplied to showers, after adjusting the temperature.
(We do not circulate or filter our water. All of our bathing water flows directly from a natural source)

Sugawara Hot Spring Inn is popular for having 9 types of baths you can enjoy.

Natural Hot Spring foot bath Souten no Yu

We invite you to soak your tired feet in our natural hinoki foot bath, "Souten no Yu", which is located in our inner garden.

Among Naruko Hot Spring’s baths is “Maten no Yu”, which is known for being especially high in metasilicic acid content (498.6 mg). The source for the bath often turns blue, due to the dispersion of colloidal silica.

Because the natural hot spring bath often turns blue, we named it “Souten no Yu” (“Souten” means blue sky).
With high metasilicic acid content, the bath is especially impressive in its naturally beautifying effects. Warm up to your core in our baths, and relax in our hinoki (Japanese cypress) foot bath.

Please read the following before using "Souten no Yu"

■The hot spring is free to use for guests staying at our inn.

■Please understand that we may close the hot spring due to safety hazards on certain snowy or rainy days.

■Since the hot spring water flows from an all-natural source, the surface of the bath may be hotter. 

■We strongly prohibit bringing drinks or foods into the bath.

Hot spring hours

public open-air bath(Maten no Yu)

Woman 20:00~10:00

Gentlemen 10:00~20:00 

public open-air bath(Bihada no Yu)

Woman 10:00~20:00

Gentlemen 20:00~10:00


Natural hot spring foot bash Souten no Yu


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